Stop Wasting Your Precious Time in the Gym ... All You Need is Just 28 Minutes!


What you get with the
28 Minute Workout Program:

  • The Science Behind Weight-Lifting
  • The Science Behind Proper Nutrition
  • The Science Behind Sprinting
  • Step By Step Workout Plan
  • Step By Step Meal Plan Guide
  • Sprinting & Plyometric Cardio Training Plan
  • Emergency One Week Diet Plan









Obi Obadike is a former top Division 1 collegiate sprinter at Cal State Fullerton. He is still considered one of the fastest men in the history of the school. After suffering hamstring injuries during half of his collegiate career, he decided to get involved in sports modeling. Being a natural athlete allowed him to succeed as a sports model quickly. With over a decade of being a sports model, his resume spans currently with over 15 national commercials and over 30 mainstream national print ad campaigns in his belt. The most notable commercial is the Gatorade Commercial called the winning formula where he beat out over 100 fitness models and athletes for this spot. He broke into the fitness industry in early 2008 and has taken the industry by storm by his quick rise to success.

In only 3.5 years the fitness industry, Obi has established himself as one of the top male fitness models/personalities in the world who is completely steroid-free. In that timeframe he has landed more than 30 covers all over the world and has written over 100 fitness articles. He is a sponsored spokes model athlete for one of the biggest supplement companies in MusclePharm and this company has some of the biggest mainstream professional athletes such as a Shawne Merriman, Michael Vick, Anderson Silva, Rampage Jackson and other mainstream professional athletes.

Although he is known for being in great shape he has also proven to be a great writer and he is currently a fitness columnist for the biggest internet fitness site in the world such as bodybuilding.com and as well as other fitness magazines all over the world. One of his passions is being able to write articles that allow him to educate people all over the world about health and fitness. His column on Bodybuilding.com is called Ask The Ripped Dude. It is a bi-monthly column and over 11 million people per month read his fitness expert columns on that site. He is arguably the most read fitness model in the world.

Obi is a top fitness expert and has a range of personal training certifications.



Jaret Grossman is the founder of Muscle Prodigy, one of the biggest and fastest growing fitness websites with over 600,000 users a month. He also created the popular MP45 Program, which focuses on the principles of his revolutionary method, High Intensity Stimulation Training. He was a 3x All-American collegiate wrestler and is an all-natural certified personal trainer, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and steroid-free bodybuilder. His YouTube channel, MuscleProdigyTV, has become an international phenomenon, with millions upon millions of hits, making him one of the biggest sources of motivation on the Internet today. This propelled a career for him in motivational and fitness consulting.

In just 4 years, Jaret went from a scrawny 98 pounder as a sophomore in high school to weighing 202 pounds at 6% body fat. Jaret has incredible feats of strength for his size:

  • - Max Squat: 490 lbs.
  • - Max Bench Press: 320 lbs.
  • - Max Deadlift: 570 lbs.
  • - Squat: 21 reps of 325 lbs. and 104 reps of 148 lbs.
  • - 250 consecutive push-ups and 40 pull-ups without rest
  • - 5:10 mile run

Jaret has suffered numerous injuries from competition including a torn labrum, split biceps tendon, torn LCL, torn meniscus, fractured rib, and fractured ankle. He knew how to successfully rehabilitate his body through strength training and the knowledge he has gained from pushing his body in the gym has transferred throughout all facets of life including education and business. After just finishing up law school this past May of 2012 with a JD degree, Jaret preaches that success in any realm is due to a belief in an ideal and proper time management skills. He is now halfway through his MBA program, always looking to improve on a daily basis.



Mike Dodier is a mainstay in the fitness community. He is currently 55 years old and has the physique of a 28 year old due to the M.E.D. principles that are preached in The 28 Minute Workout.

Mike Dodier is one of the strongest pound for pound natural weightlifters in the world. For his 50th birthday, he did a 765 squat to parallel off the rack with 8 plates on each side bending the bar. When he was 25 years old, he did a 415 bench (raw) at a body weight of 165 lbs. At 21 years of age, he did 32 reps with 225 on the bench at a body weight of 168. Mike Dodier's upper body was so strong that he could walk an entire quarter mile around the high school track on his hands and he was able to do pull ups and muscle ups on the rings for hundreds of reps. He has pulled a 550 pound deadlift at the body weight of 175 lbs. He won a push up challenge in high school beating the combined total of 5 guys- his total was 660 non-stop push-ups.

Mike Dodier is an author, business executive, fitness consultant, Tai-Chi teacher, and entrepreneur. With over thirty-five years of business and fitness experience, he has a treasure trove of information since he learned to kick his own addiction to sugar, advanced from computer engineer to sales executive, created a software company in New York City, and managed to take it public. He continues to seek out further business ventures everyday and is a living testament to hard work.





The 28 Minute Workout, a Proven Method to Help You Pack on Muscle and Lose Fat in Just 28 Minutes!

Let's break down this science for you to help you understand this paradox a little more clearly:

Getting ripped starts with three principles:


Working out the RIGHT WAY to build muscle and burn fat

Proper nutrition based upon your body type to be anabolic while burning fat; AND

Recovery to adequately repair your muscle tissue and central nervous system so you can improve.


These three principles are not that complicated, yet how many people do you know at your school, at your gym, or in your office, that have 6 pack abs and the bodies that you envy?


Somehow 99% of the population who trains 'hard' and eats 'healthy' are completely wrong in their approach.


With The 28 Minute Workout, you will learn how to look like the 1% that you envy, such as those fitness models, professional athletes, and bodybuilders. You will learn the secrets so that you too can become a muscle building and fat burning machine.


Here is the one tip that will save you: Train very hard to create the proper stimulus and GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE! The reason is that the right type of workouts for the right length of time will provide a metabolic stimulation that will trigger a hormone release long after your time at the gym is over. That means you'll be burning fat for days after you complete your workout.


All it takes to reach that optimal stimulus is JUST 28 MINUTES. With the right type of nutrition and the proper amount of sleep, your body will naturally pack on lean muscle and burn off fat throughout the entire day. The holy grail of achieving the body of your dreams starts with creating the proper anabolic hormonal environment through the production of natural hormones such as human growth hormone and testosterone.


Looking ripped is not about the amount of calories you are burning in the gym, but rather, it is about this hormonal environment that you introduce your body to.


Think of exercise as a drug. When you take medicine, they give you the M.E.D. or the Minimum Effective Dose; nothing more or less than you need for the best result. This is called the optimal result. Anyone who takes more or less will suffer in one way or the other. It is the same thing with muscular development. You need to just do only what is required and nothing more! It is counter intuitive to believe that more is better.

The Quickest Way to Gain Muscle and Shred Fat

The 28 Minute Workout incorporates the Minimum Effective Dose to get you shredded in the fastest time possible.


Now you don't have an excuse to say you don't have time to workout. With The 28 Minute Workout, all you're required to do is go to the gym 28 minutes a day twice a week and do 28 minutes of sprints twice a week. That's just 112 minutes a week, or just over 1% of your total weekly hours. Besides the actual workouts that we provide you, diet is half of the battle in your quest to get lean. You will find out exactly what to eat meal by meal so you'll actually melt away those love handles and get those amazing six pack abs. No crazy powders or pills. No more busting your butt 5 or 6 days a week. Just pure results!


Looking ripped is not about genetics or supplements. It's about the proper direction and methodology. After years of research with top professionals in the field, we're finally bridging the gap between these professionals and you, the consumer.


Stop winging it and guessing if your workouts and nutrition are providing you with results. Science is your friend and it has proven that 28 minutes is not just beneficial, but the most optimal time to create the stimulus necessary to burn fat and build muscle.


Now, we're not going to lie to you. As you can see, these 28 minute workouts are gut-wrenching. But the most valuable piece of information you must learn is that intensity is what breeds results and forces your body to go through metabolic adaptations such as EPOC (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) and an increase in phosphate metabolism. This forces your body to up-regulate its ability to produce enzymes, increases the concentration of creatine phosphate in the muscles, and burns calories long after the workout is over. The idea is to reach a concept of true failure. When you do this, your body produces what's called an afterburner effect that revs up your metabolism and burns a ton of calories for up to 48 hours after the exercise is over.

This program will overhaul your metabolism despite your "bad genetics". Just look at the success stories of these people who we've transformed from what they called "bad genetics". They either had stubborn body fat or a super ectomorph frame that couldn't build muscle. Now, they are the ones turning heads at the beach.

What Do You Get with This Program?

When you purchase The 28 Minute Workout, you get five downloadable eBooks. You get the weightlifting guide, sprinting guide, and nutritional guide, which all explain the science behind how your body responds to food and exercise. You also get the full step-by-step exercise and diet plan, in addition to the one week plan to get you ripped for a photo shoot. There is no shipping charge or waiting time. It is delivered right to your computer instantly and can even be read on your mobile device.


Transform to the Perfect Physique

Whether you're a 17 year old athlete looking to play on a collegiate level or a 40 year old mother with kids, The 28 Minute Workout is absolutely perfect for you. People just like you have completely rejuvenated their life with this workout routine. Just look at the testimonial pictures. The proof is there.

And the best part about it is that it takes under a half hour of your day, only four times a week!

There is an optimal way to burn fat, build muscle, and increase your athleticism. The 28 Minute Workout is a step-by-step guide that shows you how.

So what are you waiting for? The secret to getting ahead is taking action. A month from now, what will you have wished you did today? 28 minutes of your time. That's all I ask. It will change your life. Forever.
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